Minggu, 27 November 2011


Friday, 25th November
I go home to my home town in kediri coz saturday 26th November is holiday in my school. So i decide to go home or i usually called it by pulkam :D. so i spend 2 days in my home. I met my beloved mother, my brother, n my youngest sister.
Saturday 26th November 2011. 
After got up, i decide to swept my yard. then i look at my tree in front of my yard. There are many ripe Javanese Cheeries or usually i called by carsen, haha :D. Actually i don't too like it, but its appearance tempted to take it, haha :D. Then i take it together with my youngest sister n got many many carsen. Suddenly i had a good idea to take photos it and then fill to my blog,, hahaha  :D. Look at this !!

Rabu, 23 November 2011

Love Star

This is my favorite stuff in my life. I love its light so much. Its light can shines the dark night thought not as sunny as moon light but it always be waited for eveyone in this world. This light can change sadness into happiness. I wanna be like a star too who can give my simple light to everyones i loved :):*

Selasa, 22 November 2011


One of stuff i like is butterfly. I love it coz it has very beautiful wings. With it butterfly can go to everywhere it wants. Look at pict above. It has colorful wings, it makes butterflies looks so cute :D<3

My First Manga :)

Today  is Tuesday. There are Multimedia lesson in my class. At first i feel so boring with it, hahahaha :D. My teacher ask me to draw manga with Corel Draw application. Actually it is not so hard, but now i fell bad mood, so i don't be seriously to do it. Need to be so patient to do it coz it is very compleks. But when it was finished, im so happy coz the result is not too bad, hhahaha :D. Look at this !! this is my first manga :D:*

About Me

My full name is Yuvita Dyah Ayu Novitasari but usually just called by Vita. I was born in Kediri on 4th November 1995. 
My father passed away on 8 January 2011, when i'm in 3 grade of Junior High School. I was so sad with this. I always show my cheer face n never show my sad face in front of someone else, but deep in my self i like a fragile stone. I loved my father so much. There were many unforgetable moment with my beloved father. But i know live must go on, i can't continuely be sad. I had to be strong and survive though without my beloved father. A dead is a destiny to everyone. So, at now i just live with my oldest brother, my youngest sister and of course my beloved mom :). I loved my mom so much too. She is the biggest and greatest mine in whole of my live. She always be my inspiration to do my daily activities. My idea is can take my Mom to Ka'bah in Mekkah, it is the my biggest wishes that i have to reach :)
I graduated from Elementary School 1 Rejomulyo, Junior High School 1 Kras and now i'm schooling in the greatest school, Vacational high School Telkom, in Malang. Now i'm in boarding house coz this is so far from my home. I have many friends here :), n some of them are Ida, Charisma, Fystie, Della, and others. They are come from many kind of cities in Indonesia. They are very smart and ability. So they are the biggest rival here, but with it i always study hard to get the best rank. I love they are so much :). 
I think it's all for now. Thanks so much to visit my blog ^^