Minggu, 27 November 2011


Friday, 25th November
I go home to my home town in kediri coz saturday 26th November is holiday in my school. So i decide to go home or i usually called it by pulkam :D. so i spend 2 days in my home. I met my beloved mother, my brother, n my youngest sister.
Saturday 26th November 2011. 
After got up, i decide to swept my yard. then i look at my tree in front of my yard. There are many ripe Javanese Cheeries or usually i called by carsen, haha :D. Actually i don't too like it, but its appearance tempted to take it, haha :D. Then i take it together with my youngest sister n got many many carsen. Suddenly i had a good idea to take photos it and then fill to my blog,, hahaha  :D. Look at this !!

It's so aderable, right ?? :D<3

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