Minggu, 26 Januari 2014

#wikufest3 with Mozilla

Hello, welcome in my blog :D this time i wanna share about my experiences, my story followed Wikufest or Wikusama Festival today, 25th January 2014 in Vacational High School Telkom Sandhy Putra Malang exactly with mozilla class. 

Before it, i wanna tell you more about what the wikufest is. Wikufest is a festival or seminar that held once a year. It usually be held on January or February. This festival actually is very very special, do you know why ? because this festival established by the alumnus. The alumnus who have success share the experiences, share the knowledges, tell the tips and give more super motivations to their juniors like me. So from it we can make a move and follow their step to have success in future. Do you know, our alumnus from Vacational Telkom Sandhy Putra Malang always care with their junior, they always help us to get a job, to share knowledge and other, even from the first generation. So we have like a big family. From its bond of brotherhood created the Bond of Alumnus Wikusama. Its more about the big family, hehe. 

This is the third wikufest that be held. You can mention in @WikuFest or hastag #wikufest3. This took a theme Techno Startup. There were many mentors and materials like wisdom, entrepeneur, knowledge and other. O ya, in this wikufest there was a special too, that was is the arrival of Mozilla from Indonesia. It special came to our school to join with the wikufest. It's awesome right. The big organization like that joined and celebrate too the wikufest. Yaps Mozilla is very awesome. I got many knowledges there.